Bodyshapers and Shapewear, that’s what girls want!

Bodyshapers and Shapewear, designs that work on real women!

We all like to look our best, but the reality is that we all have curves and bumps in the wrong places.

Girls you don’t need to tell me, you’re not the only one! Whatever the reason, the good thing is that there is a little magic to smooth out the rolls and bulges. Body shapers to give you the sleek and smooth look that you want.

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Shapewear, Bodyshaper - Control Shorts

Shapewear and Bodyshapers have come a long way and there really is no need to consider anything drastic. With basques, slips and control briefs that trim and slim, you’ll look like you’ve lost inches in well designed shapewear.

I’ve dug in and found all the well known brands, Flexees®, Sculptz, Spanx and many others for waist cinchers, control briefs, body shapers, shapewear, basques and all different types of control underwear.

A little secret that will make you feel and look great…….. now where’s the harm in that?

You are bound to find just the right bodyshaper for you.

I’m here to help, whether you’re a first timer or just not sure what you need for a particular outfit, I can help guide you to the Perfect Shapewear for you!  The right bodyshaper for that little black dress, or the best control briefs to stop your butt going south, visit my ‘What does What? advice section for a point in the right direction.

So where do you start?  Don’t look at it as a fashion minefield, view it as an abundance of options.  There are well known brands that stand out, such as Spanx, The Body Wrap, Flexees,  Barely There and Sassybax; all offering a full range of seamless Shapewear.  The good thing is that it is now really easy to find the Shapewear style and advice that you need online.

This is a site for real women from a woman that understands, so trust that I’ll find the best solutions for you.

Body Shapers shape your body using materials that contour your figure into a more pleasing appearance without seams, and without cutting off your breathing and circulation. Some things body shapers can do for you, especially those of us with plus size shape wear curves are:

  • Provide immediate and visible results
  • Slenderize and provide lower back support
  • Gives the wearer a slimmer, sexier, firmer & more youthful feel
  • Body shapers disappear under clothing
  • Give lift and a smooth shape to the derriere

Shapewear :: Bodyshapers

Butt & Thigh Shapewear

Butt and Thighs

Depending on the degree of help you need the shapewear items designed to help in these areas are  Slimming shorts, Control briefs, Control thongs, Control Slips and Control hoisery.  Read more

Torso & Waist Shapewear

Torso & Waist

Again the torso and waist area can be helped with a range of garments depending on your problem areas, some offer back support and help improve your posture.   Read more

Full Body Shapewear

Full body

This includes the full length slips that we have already mentioned and Long bodyshapers. Long body shapers, also referred to as All-in-one Torsets, and again they can do as little or as much as you need them to. Read more