Torso & Waist Shapewear

Torso & Waist

Again the torso and waist area can be helped with a range of garments depending on your problem areas, some offer back support and help improve your posture.  

If its just to give you a defined waist then you could use a waist cincher or corset, which will concentrate on the area below the bust to just above the tummy.
Pantiegridles and high waist briefs define the rear, pull in the tummy and smooth the waist up to the bustline.
Full and half control slips as mentioned above can enhance from the thigh up to the bust, less chance of any bulging overflows.
Cami tops and control bodysuits deal with the bust area and area below the bust to the waist.  They come in varying control strengths with bra built in.  They offer waist and bust support, especially the larger bust sizes.